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Pregnant mother haunting fear of becoming pregnant again, and a little like the birth of the child and the parent that advises the need for dialogue with the supervisor during her pregnancy her doctor to choose the most appropriate means of contraception, it recommends the resumption of the previous means or resort to other means safer.

There are several methods used to prevent pregnancy, including:

  Mechanical Barriers: These barriers prevent sperm from reaching the egg to be fertilized, and this technique is not safe affecting the hormonal state of the body or breastfeeding these barriers and is characterized by the possibility of use by a man or a woman:

Male barriers: Take these barriers thin tubular shape made of rubber material that fits the erect penis and impedes the passage of sperm into the cervix. On the contrary and other contraceptive methods can be used on a temporary basis of these barriers that are adopting other means.
Barriers female: these barriers represent a bag of rubber factory polyurethane enters into the vagina before having sexual relations and hinder the passage of semen into the cervix.
Diaphragm: shallow tool in the form of the dome and packaged article pharmaceutical deadly sperm and instilled into the vagina before having sexual intercourse. This method may be used after six weeks after the birth and under medical supervision.

Hormonal methods: These methods are used in manufactured hormones stop ovulation process or increase the mucous secretions of the cervix and thus block the sperm movement or both. It recommended the need to wait for four weeks after giving birth to start using it, especially those that contain estrogen (VCDs contraceptive, the ring and the patch) to link this hormone increase the chance of blood clots after several weeks after the birth, but there is also recommended in the case of breastfeeding Given the quantitative and qualitative impact on the mother's milk.

Contraceptive pills: These disks composed of estrogen and progesterone and taken one tablet of them every day for 21 days and stop them for seven days.

Episode: transparent, flexible ring instilled into the vagina with the beginning of the menstrual cycle and launches diluted doses of estrogen and progestin. Leave the ring in the vagina for two weeks and then be extracted to give the menstrual cycle a chance to go down and are planting a new episode a week after the extraction of the previous episode, and so on.

Vamp: Take this thin square patch of form and color Baiji affixed to the skin and release diluted doses of estrogen and progestin, and placed one patch per week for three consecutive weeks followed by a week of rest without patches are still the menstrual cycle during this week.

Light contraception tablets: These tablets composed of diluted concentrations of progestin taken four weeks after the birth and the non-stop as long as the mother breastfeeds her baby and do not want child-bearing, taking into account the adoption of a specific time is to be taken to maintain a fixed dose of the hormone in the blood. This disk is recommended in cases of breastfeeding and thus ensure the preservation of the mother's milk quality and quantity.

 Hormone injections: injecting the hormone progestin every three months for women who prefer not to use any tool inside the uterus for health reasons, can not adopt the injection estrogen or fear of forgetting taking pills. Not recommended to use this method for women who are planning to give birth within one year as not recommended until six weeks after the birth for women who rely breast-feeding a baby.

A disadvantage of this method it could lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle after the second or third injection.

Hormonal implant: This style takes a flexible form Qdibia the same size as a matchstick implanted under the skin at the top of the arm and the area and secrete continuously low dose of the hormone progestin. This implant is characterized by efficiency, which lasts up to three years and instilled and safely after three weeks after the birth in the abnormal feeding and after four weeks in the event of adoption.

Device inside my womb (IUD): There are several types and forms of this most device widely used, which takes the form of a character (T) and is made from plastic material flexible imparted doctor inside the uterus and take the first two different forms coated with copper The Alakhrfaihtoa pattern on the tank secretes the hormone progestin fixed quantities but very little .

This device is recommended to replace every five years.

This type of devices for long-term effectiveness, adverse and temporary protection and safety of use with breastfeeding. This device is implanted in the uterus after six weeks after the birth of the uterus where regains its normal size prior to the nines, as in the pre-pregnancy.

Natural means: There are several techniques and natural behaviors to prevent pregnancy and achieve the best results to the availability of a global organization and discipline. These techniques and characterized by a lack of cost and not caused any side effects.

One of these techniques:

 Warming Alardai method: This method is based on the hypothesis which states that breastfeeding delays the return of women's natural fertility after childbirth and up efficiency to 98% upon completion of all conditions such as the adoption of breastfeeding exclusively, does not return the menstrual cycle and goes on to give birth less than six months .
 Fertility awareness method: This method is based on the awareness of cultural norms monthly menstrual cycle and thus the ability to determine the optimum fertility days and multiple physical symptoms Ktzbzb body temperature and change the composition of mucus secreted from the cervix. This method offers many challenges for women and especially immediately after birth, where they must measure the body temperature at the same time every morning after continuous sleep for three hours.

Sterilization: This method represents a permanent way to prevent pregnancy and is characterized by high Bkfattha, complexity and diminished the likelihood of pregnancy again after succumbing to them, so they recommended the need to take the decision after making sure 100% not wanting in future pregnancies. This process does not affect libido, concentration of hormones or breastfeeding. To be linked to the fallopian tubes or surgery, which prevents the egg from meeting sperm. This practical conducted during caesarean section, after 48 hours on the vaginal birth or after 4-6 weeks after the birth or at any time thereafter using the telescope.

Hence the alarming and must be that this means negative psychological effects for the mother is certain that she has lost its ability to reproduce and notes that from a good number of women seeking the removal of link or re-connect the fallopian tubes.

In addition, the Shara does not solve this method of contraception.

Channel cut the vas deferens in men: the safe surgical process by which the sterilization of men to cut off pipelines sperm from the testicles to the scrotum that carries sperm before thrown out of the penis.

This process is expensive, but it does not affect the libido of a male or his ability to shoot ejaculation where semen devoid of sperm.

Emergency contraception: in the event of failure of the approved method of contraception or forget to use emergency inhibitor used to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Depending on the usual method of preventing pregnancy can be selected emergency contraception pills and keep them permanently to be used when needed, as used in the closest sexual relationship unprotected time contributes to increasing their effectiveness.


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