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Late Pregnancy after birth

Late Pregnancy

My girlfriend always wanted children. As a little girl, she would endlessly play the daughters and mothers, falling asleep with the hope that the next morning to discover this baby crib toy, and selflessly fumbled with kittens and puppies, introducing in their place a human baby. She married at 19 and a year later gave birth to a wonderful boy. Several years ago, they moved to France and are now waiting for a quarter of an heir.

40. Late Pregnancy after birth: how to prepare?

Another friend of mine was living with her beloved husband, she worked as a translator, spent a lot of time on business trips, 30 decided to learn Farsi, and 40 give birth. In 44 after the third IVF with donor eggs already she gave birth to her favorite oranges, so named because of fiery red curls and a scattering of golden freckles.

Why do some of us are happy carefree moms of 20, while others require a quarter-century to come to motherhood? Whether in modern obstetrics concept of "age primipara", or in the era of advanced medical technology it is finally dissolved in centuries? And in general, there is a difference of honey 20- and 40-year-old parents?

Such questions given by the majority of women, whose age is approaching 35-40, and help with homework is necessary only nephews and children of friends.

Leaving aside infertility and other health problems that prevent pregnancy, then we can only speculate about the factors that depend on us and our perception of reality.

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The well-being for many is an important condition for the birth of children. The woman, of course, should feel secure strong male backs or a stable salary, confident in the future before you dare to abandon contraception. However, the reality is that crazy things peculiar to youth, whereas caution is considered a sign of maturity and attention to detail. When it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and children, we can not count all the details, because a professional team of doctors, yoga courses for pregnant women and the contract for delivery in the most expensive clinic does not guarantee trouble-free pregnancy, childbirth or the lungs or the healthy child . And an adult to stand firmly on his feet, consciously flip your world is much more complicated than the carefree student.

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Sometimes it does not want to become parents, and those who feel that they - the children. In order to fly radio-controlled helicopters, do not need to acquire a son, and tie bows and braids can be weaving and herself. Woman afraid of losing subtlety lose freedom, be attached to the house, turn into a boring hen, but much worse to become an adult, and the status of the mother will automatically make it so. Torn jeans at the hips and T-shirts with Che Guevara ... The baby's mother at the hands of turns, dressed in a way of girls not in the infantile age woman. And it scares many people so much, that the rejection of procreation, sometimes spilling over into philosophy childfree, it seems the only way out.

40. Late Pregnancy after birth: how to prepare?

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Career contrary beliefs conservative-minded part of our society, is not only an attempt to make all existing money. It is a way and style of life, the constant pursuit of the ideal kind of chess game with himself. This habit of satisfaction that follows the search for answers, for sleepless nights in the office or operating room for improvement combinations grinding skill.

Leave your job, spend most of their time outside of their professional activities, swim in the calm waters and sluggish domestic affairs and cares about the kid is unbearable for those who are accustomed to high levels of adrenaline and serotonin.

Society still takes the concept, according to which a small child binds the parents, or at least the mother of the house, it does not allow to absent himself for a moment. However, slings and breastfeeding can get rid not only of the cumbersome stroller, which occupies half of the apartments, but also the feeling that you are locked in the four walls. You can run for a year-old terrorist, the whole day, taking away his passport and lighter, but you can just remove all valuables so that they do not cause a desire to learn them. You can cry because of the marker painted walls with designer silk wallpaper and paint the walls, you can advance in a neutral color, and once a month the two roll strokes to return the original appearance of the apartment.

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Sometimes having children is postponed indefinitely due to the fact that the partners want some time to devote to each other, perceive marriage as a space where the third - once, able to separate them. This mixed reluctance to give love, time and energy to someone other than your husband or wife. The initiator of such concepts is usually a man, which gradually causes a favorite to the conclusion that it is quite enough to each other to be happy, and the kids will stand between them.

Young fathers rarely dipped into the care of the baby with such intensity that they forget about his wife, but with the newly moms like that happens much more frequently, so the anxiety men can be understood. Also, such a scenario sometimes unfolds in families where the man has a child from his first marriage, and the experience gained with the first-born, was difficult or even traumatic. In addition, usually it comes to those far beyond 40 and even 50, and the fear of change, the need for peace and stability is already very strong. The danger lies in the fact that his wife, if she is young and childless, may sooner or later reach the desire for motherhood, and the node start up even tighter.

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According to opinion polls recently conducted in England, the majority of respondents believe that youth ends at 50 and old age comes only in 75 years. Thus company reacts to an increase in the duration and quality of life. A growing number of citizens over 60 years, occupying an active social and political position. Retirees no longer limit their leisure time and solving a skanvordov annual trip "on water".

Modern medicine and cosmetology can give a person the opportunity to feel and look 30, shortly before retirement, but are not able to turn it in thirty years. Chromosomal aberrations do not pay attention to the number of wrinkles on your face, chronic diseases come without an invitation, and collagen from tissues, by contrast, goes without notice. Preeclampsia outrageous indifferent to the talent of your beautician, mistakes of youth leave us not going, and the hypothalamic-pituitary system does not bother to hear the views of the British regarding the period of youth. There is no discrimination, nothing personal - just the natural course of life.

40. Late Pregnancy after birth: how to prepare?

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This happened!

How often the pages of popular publications we know that to have a first child at age 40, even better than 20. For an adult is responsible for everything that is related to health, both his own and the child is able to share experiences and knowledge, not possessed by former students. Obstetricians carefully added that middle-aged women are usually more attentive to the recommendations of the doctor and the more prudent and cautious in comparison with the young "colleagues." Actress, singer and famous leading all become parents later, pushing the usual framework.

Personally, I see these changes with enthusiasm - the world gives us more chances to realize ourselves, we become free. Pregnant women are less likely to face scorn and attempts to be hospitalized before the end of the period on the basis of date of birth. It is important not to forget that the freedom you need to use the provided reasonable because the rights are inevitably associated with the responsibilities and freedom - responsibility. You should not tempt fate, how not to fall into despair, if well thought out script failed.

You are pregnant for the first time in 40? An excellent chance to become wise, considerate, loving mom. What should we look for in the first place after the test was positive?

Contact your doctor as soon as possible. At this point, a woman's life usually gain support in the face of the doctor with whom to communicate is not the first year, which is definitely nice. Not so scary ultrasound as they write on the forums. Surveys are required in your case and justified.
If you have never actively engaged in sports, you should not immediately written to all available classes in your fitness club. But swimming, relaxing walks and a categorical rejection of the internet horror stories in the spirit of "Once there was a pregnant woman, and then ..." will be very helpful.
There is no safe dose of alcohol during pregnancy. That girlfriend girlfriends all 9 months allowed herself a glass of wine or bottle of beer on the weekends, and the child she was excellent, does not mean that you're lucky as much. By the way, baby, you probably have never seen. Increases the risk of placental insufficiency and asthma in children of smokers also undeniable reality to be reckoned with.
Change lifestyle beyond recognition is not necessary. You do not fly to Mars, you're just pregnant. I know a lady who tormented herself and her husband weekly excursions to art galleries and listening to Bach in the evening, having spent half his life in earlier scientific expeditions. At 20 weeks, she suffered a nervous breakdown after it all fell into place. Bach, she is not listening still.
Natural childbirth and breastfeeding does not exclude the fact that you remember the very Soviet ice cream with a rose.
Nutrition, a normal night (!) Sleep, a minimum of physical and emotional stress - adequate conditions for pregnancy.
Courses for pregnant or individual sessions can help you overcome anxiety, to gain the necessary knowledge about childbirth and the first months of baby's life. Try to avoid outright sects where midwives wild-eyed and without special education will talk about the horrors of the maternity hospital and the delights of home births.
The term "age primipara" invented not touch Soviet doctors, he takes his place in the ICD-10, and is under a very specific reason to. At the same time thousands and thousands of women, despite the risks and difficulties are resolved to give birth to their first child after 40. And each of them looking into the bottomless, huge eyes newborn stunned understands that traveled all worth that moment.


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