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mother after her birth

It represents the weight increase over what irks mother after her birth, and despite the natural increase of the weight of up to 15 (kg) during pregnancy, but that it is difficult to accept emotionally for many women where the mother lose the ability to separate the truth and reality concerning the control of the weight after giving birth, As that success in weight loss depends on three key factors of health such as food, physical activity and exercise patience and give the body chance to lose weight naturally, especially when the baby breastfeeding adoption.

There are several points that the mother is supposed to take into account with regard to increasing weight including:

Knowledge of the normal range for weight gain during pregnancy, which ranges from 08/06 to 06/13 kg, but it may vary depending on the mother's weight before pregnancy occurs, is also worth mentioning that the mother lose approximately 4.5 kg of weight during childbirth, which represents weight of the fetus, placenta and fluid Alameona also lose more in the first week following the birth of the disposal of the fluid trapped in the body.

Avoid follow the myths that stipulates that weight loss after birth quickly to ensure sound results, and therefore may increase maternal anxiety in the absence of weight loss acquired during pregnancy after one year after the birth. In fact, the body needs a long period of time of up to several years to restore normal weight without having to worry relies speed weight loss on several factors, including the mother suffered complications during pregnancy and childbirth which affects the ability to move and weaken its strength and its will, the thyroid gland following the birth and causing inflammation the difficulty of weight loss and finally wounding the mother of any medical condition before or after pregnancy and dependence on drugs that affect the weight loss process after birth.

Avoid follow the system or program, which is defined as the best to regain weight after giving birth and that the multiplicity of factors that affect the weight loss process and the lack of research that sheds light on the program or system is better to restore weight, especially in the case of breastfeeding.

Tips that must be followed for proper planning for weight loss:

  Not to start by following any diet is close to the birth of the body to need more time to recover from labor and delivery, especially in the first six weeks of the birth in the case of breastfeeding are advised to wait until the child is two months to start any diet.
Recent studies have demonstrated that the adoption of any diet to lose weight after a short period of time to give birth affect the quantity and quality of milk breastfeeding mother and delay the recovery of the mother to recover and increase public Aiaha at a time when the mother needs it for more energy to adapt to the new baby.
To be realistic in terms of what the loss of weight and taking into account that the return of the body to place it Prenatal may not be easy for some women due to pregnancy caused permanent changes Cleonh abdomen, hips widening slightly, change bone structure and increased waist circumference.
Due to the lack of any magic pills to lose weight and the mother during pregnancy, the acquired eat healthy and exercise stimulates fat loss rather than muscle. It recommended the need for a gradual loss of weight and that habitually eat less food and increase physical activity with the need to consult a specialist to determine the extent fitness body ready to practice any physical activity, especially after the birth.
Failure to follow any strict and restricted diet, where the mother needs to be a minimum of calories equivalent to 1200 calories a day and often consumption varies in the range of 1940 calories a day to maintain their energy and avoid mood swings. In the case of breastfeeding mother needs to be a minimum of calories and the equivalent of 2200 calories and at the rate could range between 2000 to 2700 calories a day to ensure feed her baby properly, as the decrease rapid weight to the mother breast-feeding affects the quality and quantity of their milk.

Rapid decrease in weight affects up opportunity excretion of toxins stored in body fat (environmental pollutants from heavy metals such as lead, mercury and other persistent organic pollutants) in the bloodstream and breast milk. It is recommended to maintain a constant rate of weight loss, which does not exceed 500-750 grams per week and are therefore decrease approximately 500 calories a day by reducing the daily rations or exercise but without gradient under the normal level of calories required per day.

Eat regularly and not deliberately skip meals Home and causing a slowdown in the rate of energy significantly and thus weight loss is slow because of the need for the mother to eat larger amounts of food at other meals. Some mothers find that eating six snacks a day instead of three main meals commensurate with its appetite. It recommended the need to eat breakfast even in the absence of get used to limiting fatigue and severe hunger and gives the body the necessary energy.

 Selection of proper foods and beverages (species), where studies have shown that drinking low-fat milk, eat dairy products, foods rich in fiber such as fruit (berries, apples and oranges) and vegetables non-cooked (carrots, red pepper, sweet) and whole grains helps in weight loss as well as to avoid fried foods and replacing them Balemczuah or roasted and reduce the intake of fat-rich sweets and calories.

Due to ride the fat from the calories up to twice what it contains carbohydrates and proteins, the minimization of the most effective means of reducing calories without the indispensable fully to its importance in the metabolic processes of the body, and therefore recommended the need to choose a few products-fat or non-fat In the case of breast-feeding is not It requires drinking whole milk to lack of impact on breast milk output.

Lies dexterity in the selection of the harmful fat and fat useful first Valenmt is saturated fat as in meat and dairy products and associated cardiovascular disease and move on to the mother's milk also, while unsaturated ones represent the beneficial type of fat as oil, canola, olive oil, avocado, olives, nuts, grains and salmon.

Drink plenty of water a day to reduce the chance of dehydration and Alhaourbamtla stomach and therefore not to eat excessive amounts of food, and recommended using two different indicators to indicate to satiate the body to his need of water, including urine color (in the case of drinking ample amounts of water produce urine Light and pure color) and frequency of urination (urinate every 3-4 hours indicator of the sufficiency of body fluids). Despite the need to drink about 6-8 liters of fluid that is supposed to care for them from putting together a hidden calories as in the juices, soft drinks and coffee.
The need to adhere to eat only foods when the sense of hunger.
Breastfeeding commitment which help the body to restore the previous weight faster due to increased fat burning rate in the regions of the pelvis and hips where the body converts concentrated fat in the lower body to the energy consumed by the body to produce milk, but it also Ajdralhdhir of taken an excuse to eat more and consume more calories (more than 300 extra calories needed for the body) price.
 Exercise as part of the plan followed to lose weight in addition to a healthy diet, exercise is recommended as respiratory and strength exercises that cause burn calories and maintain bone and muscle strength. Not necessarily join the motherland in any Gym to achieve this advice, but enough exercise routine for a period of time not exceeding 150 minutes per week.
 Sleep as much as possible to help the body to lose weight, where recent studies have proven the need for the mother to sleep at least seven hours as proven link fatigue and fatigue increase the weight of the secretion of the hormone cortisol and stress hormones.
Avoid mother compared to other mothers for the uniqueness of each woman, the nature of the body is different from the other to the different biological processes and metabolites that are related to the rate of burning calories, but it is recommended that they should not follow any diet or exercise any calisthenics practiced by third parties only after consulting a doctor or specialist as these systems does not fit all objects.


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