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In the third week of pregnancy, the expectant mother can not feel any changes in your body, then remja like there are many important processes.

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3 weeks of pregnancy: during pregnancy

If fertilization has not occurred at the end of the second week, 3 week - the most favorable time for conception. Within 24 hours after ovulation, the egg meets the sperm in the fallopian tube, causing the inside of the female body can be conceived new life.

One or more male sperm penetrates into the female egg and fuse with it inside a woman begins to actively develop a zygote, a cell containing a complete double set of chromosomes, one from a man, the other a woman. From the combination of sets of chromosomes mom and dad sex of the baby depends on his eye and hair color.

WHAT HAPPENS TO 3 weeks of pregnancy

The zygote begins an active process of division in three days it is already 32 cells, and in a week - from 250 cells, and like a hollow ball 0.1 - 0.2 mm in diameter. The cells formed by the division of the zygote blastomeres called. All the while, the zygote, eating their own inventory moves through the fallopian tubes into the uterus to attach to its wall. Also, it does not stop the process of cell division of the zygote, and when the blastomeres becomes several hundred of them blastocyst is formed - this is your future baby, but still at an early, pre-implantation period of development.

In the 7-12 day of his journey, that is about the end of 3 weeks of pregnancy, the blastocyst enters the uterus and begins the process of fixing it in the mucosa. In shape it resembles a raspberry or mulberry, its size is about 0.2 millimeters.

Because the cells of the blastocyst formed the beginnings of membranes with amniotic fluid, which will be a child, and the rudiments of the embryo. In the embryo there are three layers of cells that develop all the organs and tissues.

3 weeks of pregnancy is the first critical period of fetal development - future kid just trying to live in the mother's body, which has not yet perceive it as a part of yourself, and can join the fight.

3 week bermennosti

3 weeks of pregnancy اعراض الحمل: future baby

Implantation period lasts for about 40-hours, and if the process is successful, then the end of the 3 weeks the embryo is firmly entrenched in a supportive and medium - layer of the endometrium, and then between the organism of mother and unborn baby begins to forge strong and multilateral relations.

On the seventh day after conception is the cell membrane of the embryo (chorion) begin to release the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), which gives a signal to prepare the female body for pregnancy. The amount of this hormone is constantly increasing, and in a few days of pregnancy can be determined with a blood test or by a pregnancy test.

3 weeks of pregnancy: how life changes MA

3 weeks of pregnancy: the expectant mother can still only guess and hope that fertilization is successful and within the desired CHILD DEVELOPS.

Possible early signs of pregnancy, such as fatigue, irritability, nausea, altered taste preferences bloating and breast tenderness, dragging pain in the abdomen, many women are perceived as signs of approaching menstruation. And some of expectant mothers at this time does not appear to be any visible signs of pregnancy.

The only caveat, which may alert a woman, all of these symptoms, it feels a little bit earlier than usual, critical days like a little bit in a hurry, as in this period may be meager allocation of pinkish-brownish color or a few drops of blood.

Such signals are explained introducing the blastocyst into the uterine wall: its external cells divide, forming blood vessels, and get used to the mucosa, where they begin to grow rapidly, eventually forming the placenta.

Already three weeks of pregnancy the ovaries are beginning to be produced by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. As a result of their work during pregnancy, we can forget about ovulation and menstruation.

3 week bermennosti

3 weeks of pregnancy: POWER MA

No special feelings such as heartburn or eating disorders expectant mother until he feels is just stick a full and balanced diet.

To support the body during the first weeks of pregnancy can be regular consumption of fruit and vegetables, cereals from whole grains, dairy products, lean meat and fish.

It is better, at least temporarily abandon invigorating black coffee, to reduce consumption of sugar, cream cakes and pastries, soft drinks, fast food, spicy and fatty foods.

Recommendations doctor

3 week bermennostiBosyak Yulia V., an obstetrician-gynecologist, a reproductive clinic human reproduction "Alternative" says: "In the period of ovulation, the follicle bursts and the egg enters the fallopian tube. At a meeting with the sperm fertilization takes place on the second day of a zygote, then there is its fragmentation: the second day there is 2-4 blastomeres, the third of 6 to 8 blastomeres, which merge and on the fourth day morula is formed. On the fifth day, a blastocyst is formed, which takes up to 72 hours of implantation (engraftment) in the uterus. During this period, the woman still does not feel anything special. On the third day after fertilization begins to produce human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). At the end of 4 weeks of the woman may be surprised to find the delay period. To determine whether pregnancy can take a pregnancy test on morning urine at home (but in the early stages of the test may be uninformative and do not show early pregnancy if available) or, most informative, to donate blood for hCG in the laboratory. Pass SPL at this time does not make sense. "

4 weeks of pregnancy: POSSIBLE PROBLEMS

If you encountered a woman spotting become intense and abundant, it means the blastocyst failed to gain a foothold on the wall of the uterus, and the beginning of the next menstrual period, though a bit ahead of schedule.

It can happen for various reasons, but one of them - the eternal struggle of the female body with the fetal egg with a carrier as a male cell, which develops within each pregnant woman.

To the human race is still going on, wise nature has thought up a special mechanism to combat itself: the blastocyst produces special immunosuppressive protein that reduces the work of women's immunity and future baby - carrier enemy of male cells - gaining time to hide behind saving the placenta.

Unfortunately, the surviving embryo is not always possible, there are a number of factors that can trigger a miscarriage in the third week, for example, alcohol consumption, viral infections, hormonal disorders (lack progestrona), use of medications, stress, etc.

3 weeks of pregnancy: the necessary tests

3 Weeks Pregnant - torture yourself any tests until there is no need, they are unlikely to show any definite result.

But if you are constantly monitored by a doctor-gynecologist at the end of 3 weeks to show whether a pregnancy can be a blood test for hCG.

Also, in the female body during pregnancy occurs beginning to actively secretes the hormone progesterone, which prepares the uterus to the settlement of the embryo and affects the nervous system of the future mother, creating favorable conditions for the preservation and development of pregnancy. Check the amount of progesterone in the blood of women is also possible to conclude whether the pregnancy has come or not.

Common pharmacy pregnancy test on 3 week does not show you the real picture, as the duration of pregnancy is still too small, and even if the level of hCG is increasing, it is still insufficient to draw firm conclusions.

If you regularly measure the basal temperature by the end of 3 weeks with maximum confidence can you say about the ensuing pregnancy: more than 3 consecutive days basal temperature rises above 37 ° C.

Ultrasound transvaginal probe at the 3rd week of pregnancy can show whether the embryo develops in the uterus or ectopic pregnancy. Although safe to interpret ultrasound data on this term is difficult.

The best solution for the future mom to 3 week of pregnancy - to calm down and relax while waiting for good news that the stork finally arrived, and to you.

3 weeks of pregnancy: TIPS

Traditionally, we advise expectant mothers flatly refuse from smoking and drinking alcohol, be extremely attentive to the drugs you are taking, as well as to pay maximum attention to their own health: try not to be in crowded places, protect from contact with sick co-workers and relatives. During pregnancy, the better not to have pets. More walk, relax, breathe fresh air, try not to be nervous, eat right and be happy that you have lived in your long-awaited baby.


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